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4.9/5(16)Item Weight 2.2 poundsBrand OzcoManufacturer OZCOConnector Plates - MiTek Residential Construction Industry

All Connector Plates Truss Connector Plates Floor Trusses Manufactured Housing Truss Bracing Railroad Angled teeth with more bite give MiTek&anti-split plates the best tear resistance on treated wood cross-ties in the industry.Learn More Anti-Split Plate.Coil Plates Our top plate tie allows you complete control over your truss Wood Steel.Like a frame on a fine painting,a beautiful timber-framed structure is not complete without the mass and strength of steel plates.Whether you are building a custom home,a barn,or an open air pavilion,timber connector plates from TimberPlates bring it all together.Oct 06,2017·OZCOs Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) Truss Accent Plate Ironwood are manufactured with hot dipped galvanized heavy gauge steel and finished with a black powder coating offering superior corrosion resistance and ultimate strength.The OWT Truss Accent Connectors offer the finishing touch to OWTs Inside and Outside Angle Ties including the 90° Flush Inside or Outside,45° Flush Inside or Brand CangzhoufutongCategory Timber Building HardwareTruss Design with Treated Lumber or Corrosivethe metal connector plate,that come in contact with the treated wood,need the same consideration.Other materials used in the job must also be protected from corrosion.Any nails,screws,or bolts in contact with the lumber must be protected.Hangers and tie-downs connections must also be protected.OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) 6 in.Flush Inside 90 degree Plate Connector Truss Ties are so versatile,they can be used on almost any project.No matter the angle,OWT has it covered with powder coated,hot dipped galvanized steel truss ties that will last for years to come.OWT Truss Ties saves you time as they do not require extra labor and material to conceal them,and can be used with Truss Tie Wood Connector Timber Plates FOB Price US $0.12-0.82 / Piece.Min.Order 10,000 Pieces.Contact Now.Wood Structural Connector Tap in Knuckle Plate Australian Standard FOB Price US $0.12-0.82 / Piece.Min.Order 10,000 Pieces.Contact Now.Fixing Galvanized Single Truss Nail Plate Joist hangers,angle brackets,restraint straps and connectors for masonry to timber to timber,timber to masonry and steel to steel connections.Nails and Screws Comprehensive range of performance tested nails and screws for a wide variety of applicationsGalvanized gang nail plate is also could be called truss connector plate.A truss connector plate is a kind of tie.Truss Plates are light gauge metal plates used to connect prefabricated light frame wood trusses.They are produced by punching light gauge galvanized steel in order to have teeth on one side.Brand CangzhoufutongCategory Timber Building HardwareTruss Nail Plate - Hebei Crown Wealth Trading Co.,Ltd Truss Tie Wood Connector Timber Plates FOB Price US $0.12-0.82 / Piece.Min.Order 10,000 Pieces.Contact Now.Quick View.Wood Structural Connector Tap in Knuckle Plate Australian Standard FOB Price US $0.12-0.82 / Piece.Min.Order 10,000 Pieces.Contact Now.Quick View

Our Simpson Strong-Tie &AS-20 metal truss connector plate is staggered-toothed to provide two teeth per hole along the length of the face of the parent metal.Simpson Strong-Tie &AS-18S5 metal truss connector plates provide a quality-engineered and tested solution and provide a higher tensile strength.What are Truss Connector Plates and Timber Brackets? Our timber plates are steel plates with optional steel reinforcements used to attach timbers,posts,joists and beams with ease.Unlike traditional wood post bases,our timber truss plates add additional style and design toIncludes 2 T Tie Plates; Fastening Hardware NOT Included Connector plate for 90-degree T joint Designed for connection material greater than 5-1/2-inch Truss Accents,OWT Timber Bolts,and Hex Cap Nuts sold separately 3/16-inch thick hot dipped galvanized and powder coated steel Joining plate,Steel See more product detailsPackage Dimensions 8.44 × 7.94 × 8.44 inWeight 3.1 lbsHow it Works Timberplates - Timber Connectors

It requires only 2 N6,and 4 VB6 plates.Tie Beam Example.Trusses do not have to be used.Instead,rafters can simply be tied together using a tie beam.This is similar to the example above,but instead of the rafters sitting on the tie beam,the tie beam hangs from the rafters. Timber connector plates are heavy and shipping these plates Gusset Plates,Brackets and Saddles.SWC fabricates most all gusset plates from A36 plate.These are typically flat,2-dimensional shapes,cut to conform with truss members.Typical plates are 1/4 thick,but larger trusses may require 3/8,1/2 or larger plate,which we can supply.Simpson Strong-Tie 6-in 18-Gauge Zmax Steel Rafter Tie Wood To Wood.The H2.5A single-sided hurricane tie is designed to resist moderate loads at the rafter/truss-to-top-plate connection.As part of a continuous load path,the H2.5A resists both lateral and uplift loads.The symmetrical design eliminates the need for separate right and left parts.Plated Truss Connectors - These ties are light-gauge metal plates that are used to connect prefabricated light frame wood trusses.Simpson Strong-Tie &has been involved in the component industry for decades.Their manufacturing facility consistently produces top-quality plates with some of the highest loads in the industry.This joint is complex.It is the connection between two different heavy timber trusses.One uses a steel tension tie as the bottom chord,the other uses steel gusset plates.4 Shear plates are used in both places to increase the capacity of the connection.Simpson Strong-Tie &metal connector plates are staggered-tooth metal plates.The teeth are punched in pairs and formed at right angles to the face of the parent metal so that two teeth per hole occur along the length.Each Simpson Strong-Tie metal truss connector plate is identified by the product name embossed into the surface of the plate.OZCO OWT Truss Ties are truss connector plates that secure two pieces of lumber together or give an existing structure a new look.Choose from truss ties in 45°,90° and various other angles to match your project design.Decorative truss accent plates are available in Ironwood and Laredo Sunset designs to add a finishing touch.10 Packs 5 Pronged Truss Plate Flat Mending Plates Repair Tie Plate Bracket,Steel Surface Galvanizing Finished,Nail Teeth Height 8.5mm,Thickness 1mm,for Roofing Trusses Wood Timber Connectors.5.0 out of 5 stars 4.$26.99 $ 26.99.Get it as soonJun 25,2019·Add to cart.This item Tee Tie Plate Decorative Structural Wood Connector.$42.49.OWT Ornamental Wood Ties 5 in.90° Angle Flush Inside Galvanized Metal Structural Wood to Wood Support Connector (2 Per Box) $13.99.OWT Ornamental Wood Ties OWT (Ornamental Wood Ties) Laredo Sunset 8 in.x 8 in.Bulk Galvanized Steel Elevated Post Base Kit.SUREALONG GROUP Corporation was formed in 2010.Currently it is one of professional manufacturers of wooden building components in China.At the moment we can offer various sizes of timber connectorwooden connectorjoist hangers,joist strapjoist connector timber platepost supporttruss tienail platemounting plates,mounting angles etc.,The TC truss connector is ideal for scissor trusses and can allow horizontal movement up to 1 14.The TC also attaches plated trusses to top plates or sill plates to resist uplift forces.STC/STCT/DTCProject Description Truss Style Material Material Finish Plate Style Babes Chicken Dinner House Frisco,TX Multi-ply Douglas Fir and Steel Tie Rod Trusses Multi-ply,Tie Rod Wood Douglas Fir Smooth Four Sides Internal Bass Pro ShopSan Antonio,TX 80 Span,6 x 30 Trusses with Contemporary Steel Connectors and Tie Rods,Matching Glulam Accent []OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) Truss Ties are so versatile; they can be used on almost any project requiring a connection point on a wooden structure.No matter the angle,OWT has it covered with powder coated,hot dipped galvanized steel truss ties that will last for years to come.OWT Truss Ties saves you time as they do not require extra labor and material to conceal them,and can be used Timber nail plates are metal sheets connectors with prongs (looking like nail or teeth) that can be pressed into the wood.It is common to see this kind of nail plate used on the ends of wooden sleepers or railroad ties (American way) for providing splitting resistance.So it is often called an anti-split plate.Features SUREALONG Nail plates are galvanised steel connectors with in-built,bent-up nails.These plates are ideal for many structural and nonstructural timber jointing and timber protection uses.Applied simply by hammering in the knuckle nailsthese plates are used by tradesmen,home owners,frame and box manufactures,electricity supplyauthorities and builders.

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